Your Holistic Wellbeing Assistant

Here at My PowerBar, our aim is to build your awareness of what impacts your energy levels and holistic wellbeing, how to assess this and implement your own self-care.

We also have lots of self-care tools and techniques to help you boost your energy and improve your holistic wellbeing.

This means you can focus on different aspects of your holistic wellbeing depending on what your self-care needs most at that time.

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What is My PowerBar?

A Self-care Program For Your Personal Wellbeing Development

Assess and manage your own energy levels and holistic wellbeing with our guidance.  My PowerBar enables you to make more informed self-care choices when it comes to your holistic wellbeing and gives you the tools to take better care of yourself.

Recognising when our energy is depleted means we can make self-care choices to turn this around before we hit full on exhaustion and our holistic wellbeing takes a tumble.

To make it easier to pinpoint where to focus your self-care, we have divided your holistic wellbeing into four elements – these are your mental, emotional, spirit and physical energies.

This means you can be really precise in assessing your holistic wellbeing and the levels of your 4 energies. You can then apply the self-care tools and techniques which boost the specific energy you want to invest in.


My PowerBar's Main Goal

To give you the tools you need to:

    • Gain deeper insight into your holistic wellbeing
    • Have self-care tools and techniques at your finger tips
    • Understand what effects your energy levels
    • Find and maintain balance across your four energies
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Get to Know Yourself

And your Energies Better

The My PowerBar app is the perfect accessory for your wellbeing, log and track your own wellbeing levels and utilise instant energy boosters on the go. Perfect for taking self-care back into your own hands and learning how to maintain your own holistic wellbeing. Download it now on the Appstore and Google Play.


Check what Our Clients Say About Us!

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 In My PowerBar journey, I felt Wendy was right there with me, through the lessons, helping, sharing and never judging. I feel empowered, and optimistic, and ready to put it all into practice, to boost my energies and to live better. Thank you!

Vanessa, Ramsgate

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 Through this amazing wellbeing assistant, I found out that my ‘Spirit’ energy gets depleted the most and once I had boosted it as guided by Wendy, life became much brighter, and I feel lighter and more joyful.

Julie, Melbourne

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It really helped me understand and come to terms with some of my feelings of anger, and understand that, although powerful, they were not representative of me in my emotional power - but were coming from a mixture of other underlying negative emotions. Thank you, Wendy!

Nicola, London

Proactive Prevention with MyPowerBar



your own energy levels and strengthen your connection to you



your wellbeing priorities for the day, week or month



to personalise your wellbeing approach for your needs

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