I am Wendy Shooter and I created My PowerBar to help people connect with their personal power and energy levels, understand what affects their unique energy system and feel resourced to take charge of it for themselves.
Originally created to help people in organisations think about how powerful they felt and how interactions and events affected this, I combined My PowerBar with the four energies, Mental, Emotional, Spirit and Physical, to create this whole human approach to personal energy and wellbeing.

My poster girl for energy is Gaia the red setter. I often look at her and wonder how I can help humans have as much energy and zest for life as she does.

I am a Charted Psychologist, and have been working as a consultant in different organisations since 2000 helping people think about how they work together to deliver organisational outcomes. I still do this through my company Unicorn Consulting.
Originally studying Psychology & Biological Science at University, I then trained in Person-Centred Counselling and worked as a middle manager in an ‘unhealthy’ organisation, before undertaking my masters in Occupational Psychology and going on to becomes Chartered in this field. I believed work should be enjoyable and people behave in a constructive and supportive way to each other at work, and wanted to help people avoid the difficult times I had experienced.

Professional qualifications include:

  • Chartered Psychologist (Occupational)
  • MSc Occupational Psychology
  • BSc (hons) Psychology & Biological Science
  • Certificate in Counselling Studies
  • Leadership Coaching: ILM level 7
  • Myers Briggs Personality Indicator
  • Team Management Profile (TMSDi)
  • OPQ
  • WAVE
  • NEO
  • G-Leadership Judgement Indicator

Studies in other areas include:

  • Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Tuning Forks
  • Spiritual Healing (NFSH)
  • Flower Remedies
  • Reiki