Are you having a summer full of fun?

Did you remember to make time for fun this summer? We can get so caught up in the demands of work and life responsibilities that we can forget to have a good time too!

Prioritising fun and generally having a good time is just as important for our mental health and general wellbeing as creating inner calm or getting a new personal best at the gym.


The Spirit PowerBar, your Spirit Energy, is all about feeling connected to others, experiencing joy and noticing beauty. It is about feeling inspired and enthusiastic about your day. Being purposeful and making a contribution is also part of this energy, and while these are vitally important, you do not need to do them every day, and the summer can be a good time to give yourself a break from this.

Make your heart sing by creating the space to connect with your favourite people, wander about in the woods or along the beach, dance in a field, sing at the top of your voice, hang out with some new people, try something different, or check out that place you have been really wanting to visit.

You could even arrange to just hang with a friend with no plans. Young people are great at this but we can get trapped in a need to be purposeful when we get older.

If I could magic you a day that could only be used for fun, what would you choose to do with it? What if I were to magic you a week? Having a clear vision about what we would really love to do can motivate us to make the space for it.

Another approach is to just book some time out with no plans, be spontaneous – connect with your spirit and see how it would like to be fed today. What would really make your heart sing?


Some of us are excited by making plans, others will be more excited by the thought of being spontaneous. There is no right or wrong – just do whatever will bring you the greatest level of joy.