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5 Essential Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy

If you are seeking ways to stay fit and healthy but do not know where to begin, check out our fitness and health tips below. You will be astonished at how simple it is to make these changes and begin living a healthy lifestyle. Focus on Balance and Consistency to stay fit To sustain a …

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Do you need to prioritise time for you in your crazy life?

If the answer is ‘’yes’ you are not alone, as increasing numbers of us hurl ourselves between task and activity, intent on cramming as much as possible into our hectic lives. There is truth in the saying ‘it’s good to be busy’, but it is not the ‘whole’ of the truth, as we also need …

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How to create order in just 10 minutes

Sounds good? Many of us will feel relieved, reassured and slightly energised just by the idea of this. Whenever I suggest to clients, colleagues or friends that we create some order, “Oh yes” is usually the response I get. It still fascinates me how long people will muddle along in a confused way without stopping and creating …

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5 Mental Hacks to Overcome Indecisiveness

You only have so many hours in a day, and you want to maximise them. But for many people, this may be hard to do due to the constant going back and forth (again and again), especially when it comes to making a decision. We have put together a list of pointers to help you …

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Are you having a summer full of fun?

Did you remember to make time for fun this summer? We can get so caught up in the demands of work and life responsibilities that we can forget to have a good time too! Prioritising fun and generally having a good time is just as important for our mental health and general wellbeing as creating …

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Healthy Eating for a High Physical PowerBar

 If your Physical Energy is being underutilised, you may feel weak, exhausted, or unwell. Investing in this energy will assist you to preserve more vitality throughout the day and support your well-being. It is critical to maintain your physical health by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis. These are not only …

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How to Spring Clean your Energies

How to Spring Clean your Energies Wendy Shooter CPsychol MSc BSc Spring is a wonderful time to begin anew. We often feel a natural boost to our energy at this point in the year, so why not give nature a helping hand and utilise it to jump-start you to the next level. When we spring …

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How to Take Care of your Energy in the Holiday Season

Some of us will anticipate the holiday season with feelings of excitement and joy, while others may approach it with a sense of trepidation and dread. For many of us it can bring a mixed bag of feelings in terms of what we might be looking forward to, or what we may be feeling anxious …

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How to Appreciate Everyday

What do you actively appreciate in your world? How much of your daily life do you take for granted? We have so much going on that it can be easy to stop noticing and appreciating some of the little marvels that happen every day. It is usually only when we have been without something for …

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How to Personalise your Self – Care

How good are you at taking care of yourself? I mean really taking care of yourself-carving out sometime to nourish and replenish, which can do wonders for your personal energy. Do you really make the time to do that? While many of us recognise the importance of self-care, we often don’t prioritise actually creating the …

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