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Energise your Work Day

The key to good energy levels is to incorporate boosts in every part of our day. We spend huge amounts of time at work, so understanding how we can get our energy boosts while we work is critical. Generosity is a super booster for the Emotional PowerBar, as you get a boost as well as …

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PowerBar your House!

That spring clean and clear out you’ve been meaning to get round to is a great way to give all four of your PowerBars a boost. Clearing out clutter and creating order in our environment boosts our Mental PowerBar, as does the sense of achievement we get when it is done. You will definitely be …

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Cute Japanese Akita Inu Dog studio portrait .

Beat Blue Monday!

Blue Monday is the name given to the third Monday of January and it is the most depressing day of the year. You can make a difference to this day, for yourself and the people around you. We never really know what is going on for the people around us; just because they ‘seem ok’ …

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