Intuitive Coaching

Wendy combines her sharp analytical mind with her deep intuition to help you decipher your key areas of focus. She is extremely nurturing and known for the high level of psychological safety she is able to create with clients.

Whether you would like to make big or small transitions in your life then coaching with me could be just what you need. Perhaps you would like to feel more connected to your purpose, bust through emotional blocks and limiting self-beliefs, stop negative self-talk, release uncomfortable emotions, create more order in your life, make better decisions, start your new business, have a greater connection to your higher self or lead a more spiritual life. You may wish to make changes in just one of these areas, or all of them! I will meet you exactly where you are in this moment and use my intuition, insight, knowledge and experience to offer guidance and direction.

Drawing on my training in counselling, coaching, yoga, spiritual healing, psychology and other areas, I will facilitate a deep exploration of your inner and outer worlds. This will help you understand your world in a different way and help develop deeper insight into yourself, so you can become an even greater expert on you.

With a great breadth and depth of understanding of what it means to be human, I have a huge range of approaches and techniques to support you to navigate and explore your past, present and future. This enables me to bring you the perfect intervention for the moment that you are in and the need that you have.

I have great enthusiasm and passion for my work, and bring real commitment to my client relationships. If you want something to be different in your life, I can help you make the transition.

Coaching Session: £200
6 sessions: £1000

To book, email: with your time preferences.


Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Wendy has been an SRT practitioner for 15 years. This is an energy-based system of researching the subconscious to quickly find and release the discordant energy and limiting patterns from past and present lives that are holding us back. This can involve clearing old vows, past life programming, repeating patterns or energy which is just stuck.

When blocks to positive expression have been released, the soul is able to reach its next level of expression. The effects of this work are amazingly profound, changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live our lives more freely.

Session (around 1 hr 15 mins) £125

To book, email: with your time preferences.

Areas Covered include
Confidence: self-image, self-belief, self-worth, self-respect and status.
Prosperity & Abundance: in your career, in your social life, in your creativity, in your vitality and in the way you live your life.
Relationships: establishing, letting go and transforming repeating patterns.
Present life crisis: current challenging issues.


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