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Energise You : Supercharge Your Life


Understanding what is causing the energy highs and lows in your life, having the ability to analyse your own energy patterns, being so connected to your own being that you become your own expert, knowing how you can change your energy levels and resourced to take action to turn things around.

Signs your Power levels are low:

  • Not making decisions and talking about the same thing over and over
  • Feeling like you never achieve anything
  • A bottle of wine, or ‘a few’ beers, more evenings than not
  • Having little enthusiasm for life
  • Regularly falling asleep when watching TV
  • Investing lots of energy explaining why other people are wrong or incompetent
  • Not getting enough relaxation
  • A sense of unfulfilment
  • Feeling helpless or useless
  • Only relaxation involving alcohol or the TV
  • Putting things off and procrastinating
  • Not being able to focus or living in chaos
  • Thinking you are a bit rubbish
  • Having no patience

I believe you can live a more energised life

I believe you can fix your energy leaks

I believe you have more power within you

I believe you can claim your personal power

About Wendy

My Jolt into Human Energy

A few years ago I had burn out.  I bought into the whole work hard play hard thing and I broke myself. I had lots of great times, both professionally and personally, but I wasn’t OK and when I look back I sometimes wonder how I have managed to stay alive. I needed to figure out a way to do life differently. In my quest to understand my own energy levels I have explored many approaches and ideas.

I have been on a massive journey of discovery about what it means to be human for as long as I can remember. Originally studying Psychology & Biological Science at University, I then trained in Person-Centred Counselling and worked as a middle manager in an ‘unhealthy’ organisation, before undertaking my masters in Occupational Psychology and going on to become Chartered in this field.  I believed work should be enjoyable and people behave in a constructive and supportive way to each other, and wanted to help people avoid the difficult times I had experienced. I have been working as a Consultant Business Psychologist in different organisations since 2000 helping people think about how they work together to deliver organisational outcomes, and how they impact on each other. I still do this work through my company

Alternative health approaches have always attracted me, and alongside my professional career I trained in a number of disciplines, including Spiritual Response Therapy, Sound Healing and Energy Channelling. Some of the work I do involves connecting with trapped emotions in the body and supporting them to release through inner child and breath work.  

I originally came up with the idea of a PowerBar inside us indicating how much power or energy we have in any given moment, when I was working with two organisations in the engineering and construction sector. I was trying to help them understand what they were doing to each other by being in a constant battle and potentially more focussed on causing problems for each other than delivering the project. I explained how when we create obstacles for others and are unhelpful, it reduces the other person’s PowerBar, though it may give us a temporary ‘false boost’.  In order to then regain their power, the person who was depleted often does something negative back, reducing the power of the other and giving themselves a temporary false boost.

I then started to wonder how we could boost our own PowerBars in a way which was not about depleting those of others. This is when I but the PowerBar together with the 4 Energies to create the My PowerBar approach.

This course is for people who...

Want to be more connected to themselves, understand what impacts on their energy levels, feel resourced to make more PowerBar up choices in their daily lives, and be more in their power.

Doing this course will help you have more PowerBar up days and less PowerBar down days.

With Wendy Shooter

Energise You: SuperCharge Your Life

with Wendy Shooter

Here's the Key...

Within you are four different energies which blend together to give you your daily experience of being you. Once you become connected to your different energies you will know why you are feeling as you do and what you can do to transition to a different version of yourself, should you choose to.

Here’s a peek at what life looks like when you uncover your energy patterns and become your own expert on you.
  • You can connect to you in any moment and understand why you feel as you do
  • You recognise your energy patterns and can take action on what depletes you
  • You feel able to take immediate action to turn your energy state around
  • You feel connected to your Power
  • You understand you SuperPowers and when to lean on them, but not burn them out
  • You are aware of your energy blind spots and able to invest in them
  • You make choices that support your power and energy
  • You are your own expert

Here's what others say about the course...

The style was so friendly and understanding

The course was inspiring, but practical - unlike other courses I've signed up for, that offered far-fetched advice and regimes, this one gave me tools I could use straightaway to feel more energised, more in control, and to make better decisions about things that were depleting me, including my own thoughts and daily habits.

The style was so friendly and understanding - I felt Wendy was right there with me, through the lessons, helping, sharing and never judging. I feel empowered, and optimistic, and ready to put it all into practice, to boost my energies and to live better. Thank you!


The results have been amazing...

I loved the course. My PowerBar has provided a framework to really get to know different aspects of myself and my energies (mental, emotional, spirit and physical). The course provides practical ways to get in touch with these dynamic energies and how to improve them.

The results have been amazing - I am more clear thinking, efficient and effective in the workplace. The benefits extend further than the work environment to the home and particularly with relationships with other people.

The Q&As facilitated by Wendy were a great opportunity to discuss and follow-up on any specific areas needing clarity. They had they added bonus of meeting like-minded people to further learn the ideas, concepts and suggested activities within the course.

I highly recommend this course. Wendy has a very supportive and calm approach which makes it very safe to immerse oneself into the course to reap the abundance of benefits and to feel more energised.

Big Thankyou Wendy.


Life became much brighter and I feel lighter and more joyful.

Not only has Wendy created an incredibly innovative and inspiring course but the difference with it is that it really gives you the practical tools needed to balance energy in the body on all levels. I found out that my ‘Spirit’ energy is the one that gets depleted the most and once I had boosted it as guided by Wendy I could live life on another level, rather than just coping and feeling overwhelmed all the time. Life became much brighter and I feel lighter and more joyful.

Brilliant! Thanks Wendy!


 The live supported discussion was really great

I loved this course. What was transformational for me was the emotional energy work - understanding how high emotional power involves contentment with self and a sense of calm. The live supported discussion was really great - a wonderful group learning process. Wendy’s follow up support really helped me understand and come to terms with some of my feelings of anger, and understand that, although powerful, they were not representative of me in my emotional power - but were coming from a mixture of other underlying negative emotions.


Here's What's Included in the Course

6 Video Modules that will will help you connect with your energy and transform your life
Module 1

Connecting to your PowerBars

  • Meet your 4 energies and truly begin your connection with them
  • Have awareness of how the 4 energies impact on each other
  • Learn how to use the app and analyse your own energy

Module 2

Your Spirit PowerBar

  • Develop a deep understanding and connection with your Spirit energy
  • Understand your Spirit energy patterns, your connection to your purpose, how to bring in more enthusiasm and live your values
  • Learn ways to boost your Spirit PowerBar, find your joy and show the world the authentic you
  • Spot Spirit energy leaks and learn how to take care of this SuperPower
Module 3

Your Mental PowerBar

  • Develop a deep understanding and connection with your Mental energy
  • Understand your Mental energy patterns, how effective your plannning and decision making is and avoiding overwhelm
  • Learn ways to boost your Mental PowerBar, change your thought process and create order in your life
  • Spot Mental energy leaks and learn how to take care of this SuperPower
Module 4

Your Emotional PowerBar

  • Develop a deep understanding and connection with your Emotional energy
  • Understand your Emotional energy patterns, your flexibility and patience and levels of cooperationand support
  • Learn ways to boost your Emotional PowerBar, restore your emotional equilibrium and be in flow with the world
  • Spot Emotional energy leaks and learn how to take care of this SuperPower
Module 5

Your Physical PowerBar

  • Develop a deep understanding and connection with your Physical energy
  • Understand your Physical energy patterns, what derails you and commit to sustainable investment in this energy
  • Learn ways to boost your Physical PowerBar how to invest in your physical rejuvenation and ways to revitalise through the day
  • Spot Physical energy leaks and learn how to take care of this SuperPower
Module 6

Being In Your Power

  • Connect to the whole version of you
  • Understand how the 4 PowerBars impact on each other in your life
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how you use your SuperPowers
  • Know how to take care of your energy and be in your Power