How to create order in just 10 minutes

Sounds good? Many of us will feel relieved, reassured and slightly energised just by the idea of this. Whenever I suggest to clients, colleagues or friends that we create some order, “Oh yes” is usually the response I get.

It still fascinates me how long people will muddle along in a confused way without stopping and creating order. This can mean we waste our mental energy as we flit between tasks, or run out of time and miss the important deadlines. It can also lead us down the road of overwhelm and feeling ‘stressed-out’.

We all have different energetic powers, and if mental energy is less of a strength for you then you may have a lower natural inclination for creating order. For others of us, creating order is almost written in our DNA, and comes almost as effortlessly as breathing.

Here is a mental energy hack to bring more order to your day.

1. Stop and breathe – inhale and exhale slowly through the nose.

2. Write done all the things that are whizzing round your head into these four boxes (you may need to brain dump them into one big list first).

3. Make a plan of what you need to do

Today – This will include box B.

This week – This will include Boxes D & A

This month – This will include Box A & D

Some other time – This will include box C

4. Focus on what you need to do today and only that – get on with it and do it.

If we don’t stop to create order, then our depleted mental energy can begin to impact on our other PowerBars too. It can bring feelings of anxiety to our Emotional PowerBar, a sense of hopelessness to our spirit PowerBar and exhaustion to our Physical PowerBar.

When you create order, you will feel a sense of control and get more things done – both of which will boost your mental energy even further!

Enjoy your mental energy.


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