Nourishing Salmon and Veg for your Physical Energy

This recipe will invigorate your Physical PowerBar, and provide you with the vitality needed for your day ahead.  Salmon-  Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps restore joint function and reduce inflammation. Consuming this source of protein will positively impact your Physical Energy and allow you to feel well-nourished. Leek- Leeks are beneficial to your …

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Brain-Boosting Mental Power Smoothie to Energise your Day

This recipe is fantastic for our Mental PowerBars. The smoothie is packed full of ingredients to help alleviate a mind clouded by foggy thoughts and ensure you are ready for a productive day! Cucumber: Vitamin C – those who have vitamin C deficiency often feel very fatigued and as a result don’t have clarity of …

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Soup for Soothing your Emotional Energy

This recipe is fantastic for our Emotional PowerBars. The butternut squash is loaded with vitamin A which minimises anxiety and the fennel supports us to find our tolerance, understanding and compassions.On the Physical level, t the butternut squash and lentils will both your bones will both support your bone health, as well as your immunity …

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Try our Soul-Warming Butterbean Curry Recipe

The PowerBar Zing you will get from this Recipe – Firstly, garam masala and turmeric can help with keeping depression at bay, whilst chilli can stimulate us to release endorphins, which make us feel good. These, along with the ‘warming’ sensation are all boosts for our Spirit PowerBar. The vegetables are packed with essential vitamins, …

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