How to supercharge your energy for your most fruitful year ever

The beginning of the year is the most popular point in the calendar for fresh approaches and new perspectives. Is this the year you will magically achieve what you haven’t in previous years?

It is great to set goals, and important that they are realistic.  If we make plans and set goals that we can’t achieve it just puts our Personal Energy PowerBars down, as we feel a sense on non-achievement (mental energy depletion) and become judgemental of ourselves (emotional energy depletion). This can lead to an urge to eat cake or drink wine to make ourselves feel better, and it all goes downhill from here!

Below are some ideas of impactful changes you can make to boost the different energies.

Mental PowerBar

  • Have a clear out – do 1 room a month
  • Make weekly and daily plans – which you review
  • Make a decision that you have been putting off

Emotional PowerBar

  • Tell someone in your life what you appreciate about them
  • Take a moment on your way to work to connect with what you are grateful for in your life
  • Think about what is stopping you forgiving someone for something, and try and find the forgiveness

Spirit PowerBar

  • Do something every day / other day that you feel enthusiasm for
  • Find the time to hang out with people that make you feel great
  • Be authentic

Physical PowerBar

  • Go for a walk outside at lunch time
  • Keep a food diary for a week and decide what changes you want to make
  • Drink water (this can have a huge impact on your energy levels)

Which would most impact your life?

Decide on one or two energies to concentrate on and identify changes you feel are achievable and can commit to seeing through. If you feel you want to make changes in all four energies, then pick two to work on for the next three months and make a diary note to look at the others in the spring.

If you would like to get a deeper understanding of your four energies and how to supercharge your life, then join us on the online course.

To find out about your energetic SuperPower take the Energy Quiz.

The free My PowerBar app is an easy way to check in with your energies and see how you are doing, as well as get extra tips on how to give yourself a boost. Investing in you could mean you have bags of energy to make this the year you made the changes you planned.

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