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The App


Step 1

First, check your Mental PowerBar®. Use the up and down arrows to
adjust the blue PowerBar level, representing the current level of your mental energy.

Press OK.

Step 2

Next, check your Emotional PowerBar®, using the up and down arrows in the same way.

Press OK and you will be taken to the Spirit PowerBar®.

Step 3

This time, it is the Spirit PowerBar®, use the up and down arrows in the same way to represent the current level of your Spirit Energy.

Press OK and you will be taken to the Physical PowerBar®.

Step 4

This time when you press OK you will be taken to the Summary Screen.

Step 5

My Summary is the 4 PowerBar® levels for your last entry, under each one is a Booster Button.

Hit the Booster Buttons to get ideas to raise each of the 4 PowerBars®!

Step 6

There are 9 different Booster options for each Energy. Tap each one for detailed instructions of how to get that energy boost.

These are quick and practical ideas to raise your energy. Most of the boosters are things you can do in the moment.

If you would like to see more boosters for that energy, you can either go back to the menu and pick another, or use the arrow keys on the right side of the navigation bar to tab between boosters for that energy.

Step 7

Use the Notes Button at the bottom of the summary screen to enter the notes section.

Here you have the option to record what has put your PowerBar® up and down today

Step 8

Tap the top left corner to display the drop down menu.

Step 9

To review your Energy Trends tap Charts.
You have the option to view past energy levels by day or by month. To switch between these, use the middle icon in the navigation bar. When you view it by day, you have the option to view the notes for that same day by pressing the notes icon on the far right in the navigation bar. Use the calendar option to jump to todays date.

The menu also enables you to click to other parts of the App.

Step 10

To set or change Reminders, tap this item in the menu list.

The app comes with a pre-set reminder for 9am. To edit or delete, just click on the clock icon above ‘9.00’ and you will have the option to edit, disable or delete.

You have these options with all the reminders you set.
To add a new reminder tap on the ‘Add New’ bell icon and enter the time you require the reminder. If you would like a sound alert and vibrate for your reminder make sure it says ‘Reminders On’ under the bell and ‘Vibrate On’ under the phone. Tap on the phone if you don’t want the vibrate. If you want to switch all your reminders off, tap on the bell and it will turn grey, and say ‘Reminders Off’ underneath it.

Reviewing PowerBar® levels and notes from previous days
You can look back over entries for previous days from a number of screens. The home screens for the 4 energies show the date at the top. Use the left and right arrows to tab through previous days. The individual PowerBar® level entries for each of the energies on each day will be shown in a box in the bottom right hand corner of each screen.
On the Summary Screen, tab through the dates in the same way. This will show you the summary for the last entry on each day. You can access the notes pages from previous days, through the summary screen for each date.
You can also access the notes page for any date you are looking at on the Chart Screen. This allows you to review your patterns and jump to corresponding notes pages to find out why your energy was up or down.

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