My PowerBar Wellbeing Journal

Created by Chartered Psychologist Wendy Shooter, My PowerBar Journal and Energy Tracker gives you simple, effective science-based techniques to make real and lasting change in your life.

Our study showed an increase in...


Ability to improve wellbeing levels by 21%
Feeling calm and relaxed by 24%
Ability to stay on top of things by 23%
Experiences of joy by 17%
Physical energy by 21%
Awareness of wellbeing levels by 31% consistent use of the My PowerBar Approach

Rated 5/5 on Amazon


Embark on your journey of self-discovery with this ultimate self-care package.

Recommended by psychologists to gain a deeper insight into your holistic wellbeing, support your energy and become your own expert on you.


Assess your energy levels, focus on what boosts your energy, power and happiness, and cut out the things that deplete it.




Self-care tools and techniques to target and boost each of your four energies: Mental, Emotional, Spirit and Physical.

This journal gives you simple, effective science-based techniques to make real and lasting change in your life.


Discover the sources that drain your individual energy system and identify how to nurture it through guided reflection on your day-to-day experiences.



40+ pages of downloadable resources included with our journal


Amazing for energy keeping

Impressive energy keeping journal, which has helped me improve my mental and physical self! Beautiful design and full of helpful information, and you can easily and simply understand it. Different parts for different energies really help me to focus on what I need help with. Thoroughly recommend!

-Amazon Reviewer

Great for helping wellbeing

This was a really lovely journal to use. I am only part way through but am already using lots of the techniques and feel more in control of my well-being. I really like the powerbar concept and how it breaks down well-being into 4 areas to make it feel more manageable.

-Amazon Reviewer

Valuable resource

My PowerBar journal has become my 'go to' resource to track my wellbeing and energy. Its clear format (which is really well designed) has helped me to clarify and understand myself and my energy levels from so many angles. Highly recommended!!!

-Amazon Reviewer

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