Nurture all four of your energies with a yoga livestream class with Wendy Shooter

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Energy Yoga At Home

Energy yoga helps us to align our whole energy system and come into greater levels of balance within ourselves. Here is how it can impact each of our 4 energies -

Mental Energy Yoga: Mindfulness in practice

Physical Energy Yoga: Movement & flow

Emotional Energy Yoga: Restorative rejuvenation

Spirit Energy Yoga: Meditation

If you are looking for yoga for beginners at home, or to explore different aspects of your practice, this energy yoga class is suitable for all. We invite you to come along to this energy yoga experience.

To book in, or find out more please contact Wendy on

Mondays livestream @ 6pm–7pm (GMT)

Drop in: £8

4 week block: £28

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Wendy Shooter

Qualified energy yoga teacher and creator of the PowerBars, Wendy Shooter, has been on a lifelong exploration about what it means to be human. This journey has led to her development of this 4 energy yoga class to boost and nurture all aspects of our being.

If you are a beginner and would like to understand a bit more about what will happen in the class, just drop us a note. We would love to hear from you and share the energy yoga walk through, so you can enjoy yoga for beginners at home.

Your 4 Energies

Yoga mental energy
yoga physical energy
Yoga emotional energy
Yoga spirit energy

Yoga might be seen as a physical activity, but it is also perfect for bringing balance to all 4 of your energies. This holistic yoga class has amazing restorative properties which can boost each of your energies in different ways. As well as increasing strength, it can support your mental energy by clearing your mind, your emotional energy by calming anxiety, and your spirit energy through deepening your connection to you.