Energy Coaching

Find balance in your PowerBars with Energy Coaching

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Signs you may benefit from Energy Coaching:

  • Feeling like you never achieve anything
  • Having little enthusiasm for life
  • Not being able to focus or living in chaos
  • Not making decisions and procrastinating
  • Investing lots of energy explaining why other people are wrong or incompetent
  • Only forms of relaxation involving alcohol or watching TV

Energy Coaching

  • Energy coaching can help you work on your mental energy, combatting feelings of disorganisation, overwhelm and like time is running out.
  • Energy coaching can work on your emotional energy by giving you the tools to overcome feelings of anxiety, irritability, and insecurity.
  • Paying attention to what your physical energy may need and using energy coaching can help tackle feeling sluggish and tired and boost your vitality.
  • Explore your spirit energy with the help of energy coaching to bring back your enthusiasm and zest for life.
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How is Energy Coaching different?

Energy coaching focusses on your personal energy system, observing its patterns and tendencies, as well as the levels of variance you can experience. Through exploration and analysis, we will identify what boosts your personal energy and what depletes it.

Identifying this allows us to develop a unique approach tailored to your needs and preferences, so you feel resourced to take control of your energies. Energy coaching supports you to become a greater expert on you.

We will identify any leaks in your personal energy system and find ways to ensure you can acknowledge this and take action, enabling you to nourish and replenish your energy.

We have found that energy coaching allows individuals to access points of realisation that they have not connected with through other coaching approaches.

First session: 1 hrs 15 mins (£100)

Follow on Sessions: 30 mins (£50) or 45mins (£75)