Yoga Live Stream

This whole human approach will take you through an exploration of your 4 energies, bringing connection, awareness and nourishment.

Mondays online @ 5.30pm – 6.30pm (UK time)

I have been on an exploration about what it means to be human for as long as I can remember. To help me, and everyone else, with this I developed the PowerBar whole human approach to personal energy and wellness.

Yoga is in perfect alignment with our 4 PowerBars, as both are a reflection of our human energy systems.

Mental Energy: Mindfulness in practice
Physical Energy: Movement & flow
Emotional Energy: Restorative rejuvenation
Spirit Energy: Meditation

For all of you who have meant to give yoga a try but never quite got round to it – this could be perfect for you!

To book in, or find out more please contact Wendy on

Drop in: £8
4 week block: £28 (consecutive weeks)