Boosting your Emotional Energy

If your Emotional Energy is an underused energy source, investing in it will help you feel more at ease with the world and have a greater tolerance and acceptance of others. Investing in our Power Potential energy can have amazing benefits. Here are some simple ways to boost your Emotional PowerBar.


Expressing emotions can be a way of releasing them.

  • Cry, scream, shout, or punch a pillow.
  • Talk it through with someone close to you or a therapist.
  • Write down ‘I feel…’ and see what else comes naturally.

When you express emotions, think about what impact this will have on others. We need to take responsibility for our emotions as oursthis means not blaming our feelings on others, or thinking that we have the right to unleash them on the people we believe created them!

While it is helpful to talk our feelings through with people, spending too much time doing this can make us stuck.

It is important we balance, express, and release our emotions in the most constructive way possible.

Generosity & Kindness

Look for opportunities to be generous or kind, to others and yourself.

You can be generous with your time, your attention, your flexibility, your support, your ideas….

The greatest gift you can give another is to allow them to be heard.

You can download the free app My PowerBar and check in with your energy levels daily. You also get booster tips for each energy.