Boosting Your Mental Energy

If your Mental Energy is an underused energy source, investing in it will help you maintain a more balanced logic and improve your thought process. Investing in our Power Potential energy can hold great rewards for us! We have a few simple solutions that will help to boost your Mental PowerBar.

5 Magic Minutes

Spend five minutes at the end of each day:

  • Reflecting on your achievements of the day
  • Planning the next day ahead

Writing these things down clears your mind of clutter and draws your focus to the key aspects of your accomplishments and goals. Here’s a video that will take you through this in a bit more detail.

POD it!

Make that decision you’ve been putting off making by defining what you want to achieve and weighing up the options.

Purpose: What is the purpose of the activity / task / decision?

Options: Identify all of the options available and make a list of positive and negative points for each (if you find you need more info, get it).

Decision: Yes – you need to make one now! Maybe ask a friend or two for different perspectives.

If you want access to some more helpful tips and tricks you can find them on our free App.

You can download the free app My PowerBar and check in with your energy levels daily. You also get booster tips for each energy.