Boosting your Spirit Energy

If your Spirit Energy is an underused energy source, investing in it will help you have a stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment, and experience greater levels of joy. Investing in our Power Potential energy can have great merits for us. Here are a few straightforward tactics to boost your Spirit PowerBar.


It is a human need to feel we contribute to the world somehow. This can manifest itself in making people laugh, mending things, being supportive, making music, leading a team, building ideas, creating something…

  • How do you contribute to the world in a valued way?
  • How could you add more value to the world?
  • What do you feel your purpose is?
  • How could you live your purpose even more?

If you don’t know what your purpose is, or how you can contribute, ask friends and family for their input. It is worth investing time to really explore how you can add value to the world.


What do you enjoy?

Feeling Joy

  • What brings about feelings of joy for you? Make a list and plan how many of these you can do each week. These are actually as important as going to the gym or eating a balanced diet, as they will raise your Spirit PowerBar.
  • We can be so busy ‘doing’ that we can forget to enjoy our life. Think about your day to day life and which bits you could take pleasure in. Being present at these times and enjoying them will raise your Spirit PowerBar.

Find out how your Spirit energy is doing, and you Mental, Emotional and Physical too , by taking the Quiz.

You can download the free app My PowerBar and check in with your energy levels daily. You also get booster tips for each energy.