Energise your Work Day

The key to good energy levels is to incorporate boosts in every part of our day. We spend huge amounts of time at work, so understanding how we can get our energy boosts while we work is critical.

Generosity is a super booster for the Emotional PowerBar, as you get a boost as well as the person you are generous to. There are many many ways to be generous in a work environment.

You can be generous with your time, your listening, look to meet others’ needs as well as yours or simply making sure they get enough air space in a meeting. Being generous in these ways can often inspire others to behave in a similar way.

Blitzing those list lurkers is a great way to boost your Mental PowerBar at work. Those things you don’t get round to, but do need to happen, create low level stress as awareness of the unfinished tasks is looming in your subconscious. Set aside a couple of hours and just work your way through them. You will feel amazing afterwards.

Drink water. Yes, it is that simple, but many people find it difficult to do this. If you don’t drink water, start by having a glass in the morning and one in the afternoon. The more you drink the more your body will recognise its need for it and this habit then takes care of itself. Your Physical PowerBar will really notice the difference.

Enthusiasm is food for your Spirit PowerBar, so think about how you can do more of the stuff you are enthusiastic about at work. Have a think as well about the things you have lost enthusiasm for, and how you can muster that enthusiasm again?